2002-10-07 - 1:49 p.m. : First Entry
Ok, this is my offical FIRST entry on this place. I pretty much stumbled onto this place and I'm glad I did as I've been wanting to get into an online diary thingy for a while now. Mostly because my notebook journal is quite full but also because typing is easier. There is a certain hesitancy in what I type as I know there may be others reading this. I know a few of my friends who would enjoy a service like this, although I doubt they'd like to read my thoughts- I talk enough as it is! I'm at work and tired and sleepy and achey. I'm contemplating skipping class today. Just swoop in to pick up my boyfriend as a surprise and cop out on the film class I have. I have tons of stuff to do as far as the Magazine goes. Ok well I have lots of stuff to customize and look into, I'll wrap this up now.

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