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One of my all-time favorite things to do is read blogs. And funny enough a lot of the blogs I read are craft-related. Holy hell there are so many talented people out there. The thing is I find them so inspiring and yet somewhat frustrating. Some times, I just want to dabble in everything and yet I seem to have very few people in my life that I can share my passion for making things with. I get most of my support for creative outlets online really.

My grandmother can sew so beautifully and she refuses to teach anyone. It's not some desire to keep secrets but more this thing where she just can't teach and she gets frustrated with herself because she feels she isn't explaining well and so she just doesn't do it. I would love to learn to sew one day. Just because the idea of making small things here and there out of fabric and thread appeals strongly to me. Oh well, hopefully one day it will happen.

But anyways, these women make such gorgeous things and seem to just capture this real different appreciation for life and stuff. Here are the ones I read-- I need more to add to my list so if you know of some good ones please do drop me a line.


Masquerading as Normal



Wee Wonderfuls

There are a couple other things I want to just tackle. My mind is all over the place these days so bear with me please?

Reading Dooce the other day and her latest newsletter to Leta, I realized something. Somewhere along the way, M started calling me Mom. He still calls me Mommy a lot but he's sure got a knack for Mom. It's like a more practical name for practical situations. Mostly when he's calling me for something he needs help with. "MOM!" But when it's babying he wants, he definitely clings to the "Mommy". I've also noticed he's starting to take a real interest in letters. Now the thing is he's always been interested in letters. His favorite being the letter O for whatever reason-- easily identifiable, perhaps. But these days he just starts reciting letters. I think some times when we're in the car he tries picking them off signs. He doesn't really sing the alphabet to amuse himself although he can but he really just digs these letter things. Does anyone have any suggestions for some fun ways to learn letters? I read to him often but I'm thinking of maybe breaking out some kind of letter games or something. He's got $55 in gift cards at Toys R Us so I guess it's worth taking a look at. I'd like something that really helps him absorb the letters you know? SO many games just let them whiz past with a touch of a button they can't really absorb anything. He's got those foam letters for the tub so that will definitely be something to play with again-- he's lately fascinated with his pirate ship and red bucket. Who can blame him right? I should actually ask my mom-- a reading teacher. DUH.

Ok so that's the one thing, M. Now the other. I think we finally found where we'll be living- not the specific house but the location. We found this community of townhomes in Homestead that are very much in our price range and offer every single thing we are looking for in a home including a garage and backyard. We saw one today and I believe we might make an offer on it. I'm not very stressed this time around because there are about four or five other properties identical to this one in the same relative price range. It's move in ready but there are some projects I want to work on with it including: removing the carpeting on the stairs and upstairs area, converting the fancy shower in the master to a tub/shower, and making the garage comfortable to work in. I don't want to convert the garage to a living space, I just want to be able to put my office in there and use it as storage but leave it so that when we move out it's car parking ready. Does that make sense?

Anyways, on to another thing. Sharkbait. Ok wow thanks for wreaking havoc on my BODY. I'm so definitely showing and it's astonishing because I didn't show with M until wow, five months? Maybe even later? And already some positions are uncomfortable- even sitting in this chair today for instance. I can't slouch because OW MY BACK. I'm a member at Babycenter and got my pregnancy newsletter today-- 18 weeks. Eighteen weeks people. This baby is due in June, very early June. That's five months away!!! I just feel like five months isn't nearly enough time to do everything I want to do. And you know, it's weird but when I was prego with M I had already gone shopping a few times by this point for him. And this time around I've totally not purchased a thing. Sharkbait already has a few gifts, but I haven't gotten anything for it. Which is the beginning of a long slew of differences in pregnancies. I'm so much more at ease this time around. The only information I get about my progress and sharkbait's progress is from the brief weekly newsletters babycenter sends and the monthly visits to the doctor (next one is next friday). One thing in common-- my utter resistance to purchasing maternity clothes. I didn't think I'd resist again but I am. I actually did slip on my favorite and only pair of maternity jeans the other day to find them still very pouchy (yay) and so I'm just sticking to my yummy Gap jeans for a little while longer. I can still wear size 4 Gap pants so that is very good. My main problem is with tops. The vast majority of my tops are just entirely too short this being hot weather. And I'm not gonna pull a Britney with my prego gut all hanging out all the time. Thankfully tomorrow promises to be cool weather so I'll wear a turtleneck and pants and heels to this lunch meeting thing and call it a day. I'm definitely enjoying this pregnancy more. I'm laughing about it a lot more that's for sure. And just not letting it get in the way. It doesn't dictate things I do really. I mean yes I definitely steer clear of things that could be dangerous to myself or the baby but that's it really. The circumstances of M's pregnancy just really didn't let me do that I guess. Maybe it was a lot from just me, maybe it was family, maybe it was everything. Who knows. This is definitely a different experience.
I get asked a lot if I'm feeling the wee one move yet. I'm not really sure. I'm in that stage. The other night I was lying on my back and touching my tummy and was pretty sure I found sharkbait- the head or maybe the butt, definitely a rounder part of sharkbait. And so I had my hand over it for a little while and felt some tiny little thumps in that area. But you know how this stage is. Was that the baby? Is that gas AGAIN? heehee Elegant, I know!

My goodness call me a chatterbox today. Wow. I should go to bed now. I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow and sleeping has been problematic lately for a plethora of reasons. Some obvious, others not so much.

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