2006-01-12 - 1:26 a.m. : Shutting down
I hate this part of my day. Sitting here wondering what in the hell to do with myself. I don't want to go to sleep. I just don't. And yet I should because I'll have to be up early tomorrow morning. But, I dunno, everything's just wired anot really looking for a bed just yet. Although talking about it is making me sleepy.

I suddenly have an overwhelming desire to park myself in front of the television.

Actually, I really want to know why I've lately become so disenchanted with scrapbooking. On the surface it's up my alley: photos, glue, pretty paper... and yet it's taken on this burden-like feeling to it that has me nutty. I think it's because I've let it become such a dominating hobby. I mean seriously my scrap stuff is just ridiculous. I'm really looking forward to getting rid of a lot of it. I find myself eyeing all of these different projects and things. Just different things to create.

On a really different note. My anniversary is coming up really quickly. We're not getting each other anything so I'd like to make him something. It's our second anniversary and the traditional gift is cotton. Now, I think, making cotton goods for a girl is so easy. But what do you make for a guy? Especially when you have zero dollars and no fabric? Yeah that's the problem.

I'm so stuck on a gift for him. Even just the smallest thing would be nice, you know? And yet nothing comes to mind. I guess maybe I could make him a shadowbox and line the back with a sort of fabric. I have like $8 left on a simon gift card. I should check out Rag Shop or Michael's or Joann's for some ideas. It's funny because I don't expect a thing from him-- we're broke until everything is settled with the house. But I just want to be sure he gets something. I appreciate him a lot these days. He quit smoking, did I mention that? He was so incredibly cranky that first week, I wanted to kill him. He still has cranky moments but I'm proud of him. I hope he can do it. It'll make a big difference to him. He also signed up with a basketball league. I know he's gonna feel like shit at first but he'll get back into it.

Ok enough with the nonsense.

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