2006-01-18 - 1:47 p.m. : An Anniversary of Cotton
Yesterday J and I celebrated two years of marriage. Crazy huh? It's weird these anniversaries cause you're kind of thinking, "That's it?" and yet you're also thinking "Damn it's been a long time I've been with your ass."

This year our anniversary has fallen smack dab in the middle of the housing chaos and so we decided no gifts. I made him a card which I thought was pretty darn clever. And he totally surprised me with a gorgeous arrangement of flowers delivered right to my door. We then dressed up and went to one of my absolute favorite restaurants that he'd never been to, Prime 112. We ate like a king and queen should and were very happy. We came home, watched some television, and fell fast asleep.

Oh I also wanted to note that last night J felt Sharkbait kick a whole lot. It totally took him by surprise. He had to be really patient and it took like three tries of just laying there with his hand on my belly but he got a good salsa lesson from Sharkbait eventually. It feels like popcorn.

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