2006-01-19 - 10:22 p.m. : Baby Bed
I might not have ANY idea what to name my little Sharkbait but rest assured, that baby's bedding is chosen. I actually found the girl bedding over a year ago when my friend Butterfli was expecting her baby who is now almost a year old *gasp*

For a while I had a scare because it was sold out just about everywhere but it seems to have resurfaced again. It's simply adorable and it's by Sozo Baby Bedding. It's called Plum Blossom. Look how friggin cute please.

And then for a boy I was completely and utterly clueless until oh ten minutes ago. Chatting with my friend Rache, I found this little gem from BabyLu Bedding. Please bend over and die for this.

I just love it. It's bright and colorful and the robots are fantastic. It sucks so bad all of our money is tied up in this house. I mean it's good, it's a great cause to tie your money into but you know what I mean. I think that I had other things to say but I'm slightly distracted I guess thinking about the future-- Tuesday specifically.

Boy or girl? Boy or girl? *sigh*

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