2006-02-01 - 1:30 p.m. : Fuzzed
I keep telling myself how I really need to add an entry in here because it really has been some time now and that's kind of dissapointing, but my brain is just slightly I don't know, fuzzed. Especially today. I had an awful time sleeping last night. I woke up a lot and finally woke up pretty solidly about 6 in the morning and went back to sleep when J climbed out of bed and showered and stuff. Then I was up again at 10 with M yelling for Tia and then I fell back asleep again and the the little bugger sneaked away into the living room where he played basketball, and trains, and climbed onto my craft desk and retrieved his fingerpaints, and settled down on the floor with his giant floor pad and proceeded to finger paint. It's kind of amazing he didn't make a bigger mess than he did but I was still pretty disheartened this morning when I woke up and found him happily sloshing a massive puddle of purple on this paper. It could be worse I said to myself but really my body is not feeling too great and it laughed at my feeble attempt to see things in a positive light. I have a headache now. I have to get dressed and cleaned and presentable as we have to go off to see the tax man or woman so that we can meet all of the demands our lender is requesting.

My body hates me right now.

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