2006-02-03 - 1:40 a.m. : Motivate Me
Just watched the new episode of Project Runway. Again, I loved loved loved loved LOVED Chloe's dress. I would wear that any day of the week. They were all pretty cool I have to say. The challenge was really neat. I was least thrilled by Nick's and thought he'd be going home.

What else...? Ah yes inspiration vs motivation. Inspirations? Tons. Motivation? Nada baby. Which sucks because I'd like to make my friends some valentines and the hubby and son too. I realized I've never gotten M a Valentine!! He's my sweetie, what's wrong with me?? So yes there's that and the Valentine for the quick n easy swap I'm in which I bookmarked a bunch of ideas for since it's not specifically scrap related. There's also that little cross stitch blanket I'd very much like to finish before the baby is due-- I even bought the floss I needed. Really all I want to do during the day is sit in front of the computer or lie on the couch. I think all of this stress with the house and everything just has me wound up overly tight and I'm so ugh with everything that I can't even relax.

There has been absolutely no progress on a name for our baby. And in a way, I just don't see it happening until after we move. I haven't started PACKING yet and there are 22 days to our close date. Well 21 really because let's face it, this day is done. I'm 22 weeks you guys. Five months. WOW. It's going so fast.

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