2006-02-04 - 5:27 p.m. : Warm Welcome
SO I joined the LiveJournal group for trading ATC's last night and made my first offer of cards for trade just a few hours ago. They've been well received and what has me happy is that there actually IS feedback. I'm not used to that at all as my blog is just not one that has lots of comments or anything. I know there are blogs out there that receive a comment within the hour but that's not the case with me LOL! So I'm happy because it's giving me what I wanted-- motivation.

M spent the night at the inlaws and J and i slept in until 1!! It's been raining non stop since last night and we just slept deliciously. It took me a long time to fall asleep but when I did, it was worth it.

We're off to celebrate my grandparents' 51st anniversary. See you soon!!

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