2006-02-09 - 3:10 a.m. : How bout a BOOK? DOH!
I'm pretty frustrated lately with a plentitude of things. Did I mention J's car broke down? I can't remember. It did though and it's not a simple thing like the battery dying. We've no clue what it is really and so we need to have the thing towed somewhere to have it looked at.

This, of course, leaves us with one car. I didn't go to my doctor's appointment because I had no way of getting there. There's also this whole thing with my job where I'm feeling pretty discouraged about it all lately. I'm having a hard time staying focused and organized and it's driving my boss insane. With reason. We're butting heads. It makes me feel bad because I don't want to annoy him.

These days, I just want to stay home and enjoy my time with M and pass the time making things. I was reading something I don't remember where and it mentioned Amazon and it kind of hit me like a bolt-- I've never really thought of looking through Amazon's crafting book selection. Mostly, I think it might be because I just don't think of learning from books when I think of crafting. I think of someone sitting there and showing you how to do it but considering the simple fact that I don't know anyone who makes anything that is willing to teach others, I'm kinda duh about the fact I never thought about books. BOOKS. DUH.

So anyways, I've gone ahead and tried a new way of keeping myself organized for work. I'll give it a whirl tomorrow but I know it's a matter of habit-forming. So yeah, we'll see where all of this goes. I just want more things to feel better about if that makes any sense at all. All I know is I'm not going to bed until my desk is in order.

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