2006-02-13 - 6:43 p.m. : Valentine's Eve
Three days!?!?! How in the world did that happen? Oh right, I started updating the other day and gave up halfway hehe.

Do you ever get into a musical rut? Like you find yourself listening to the same things over and over again? For me it's been the I am Sam soundtrack the past couple of days. I know there are people out there who hold the Beatles up on godly pedestals and I love them I do but the covers on the soundtrack are great. And when I burned the soundtrack, I also added some Beatles tracks. So it's good. It makes me happy.

Ok and I have a confession to make. I might have been a little more active on my Craft blog at LiveJournal lately. I've just always felt like when I post crafty types of things, I bore the one or two people who bother reading me here. So I started a journal there purely for the purposes of crafts. Actually initially it was ATC's (artist trading cards) but I don't plan on limiting myself to them so I won't limit the blog to them either.

I've made a few Valentine's Day cards and today M and I worked on his although I'm sure he's completely clueless as to what they are.

He's got a new cute habit of getting excited about things and yelling "oh YAY!!!!" Makes me want to smoosh him. We were lying around today and I said, "Tomorrow's Valentine's Day." "Oh YAY!!!" he shouted. "Who's your Valentine?" I asked. "Um," he thought about it, "You are! YAY!!!!" That crunching noise you hear is me eating him whole.

Let's see what else is there to update on? Oh right, the house. Well, the house. That is making me lose sleep at night and brings on headaches with some serious force. In other words, it hasn't been very fun. We supposedly close on the 24th. Let's just all cross our little fingers that day does indeed come and the closing happens smoothly. Please. I haven't packed a thing. I have gone through some clothes to find things to donate. And I submitted a change of address form today too.

And what else is there? Oh yes the Princess Sharkbait. She's getting big. I can see her move and kick pretty well some times. She makes me smile a lot. Which is good because otherwise, this pregnancy has me wrecked. Not much change still. I'm still pretty badly depressed and physically feel like I was in a severe car accident or something. My back and shoulders are in constant pain. My headaches still come and go but when they show up they knock me senseless and linger for a long while. I have one now actually and Tylenol apparenlty lost the war against it. There's also that thing where I'm freaking exhausted all of the time. So yeah, I keep looking at little girl things to keep my spirits up but it's hard some times.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. I went ahead and ordered an inexpensive little bouquet to show up at J's office. I figure the guys will rag on him but it'll make him smile so it's worth it. I also ordered some um fun accessories and wrapped them up in a fun red wrapping paper. Then I cut some naughty images from magazines and pasted them on. It's a pretty amusing little box. And apparently, he made dinner reservations somewhere. That took me by surprise. I made M a little Valentine card and tied it to a lollipop.

I'll mail out M's Valentines tomorrow so even though they'll arrive late, they'll be appropriate. At least I think so LOL

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