2006-02-16 - 11:03 p.m. : Taggings and Thoughts
My first tag ever comes from the uber-talented SnowBear so I'll happily play along.

Four Jobs Iíve Had:

Music Store- Assistant Manager
DSL Provisioner
Event Planner Assistant (my current)

Four Movies I Can See Over And Over:

Disney Movies, especially Sleeping Beauty
Big Fish
Moulin Rouge
Half-Baked (heehee)

Four Places Iíve Lived:

Sweetwater, FL
Little Havana, FL
Kendall, FL
Berkeley, CA

Four TV Shows I Love:

Grey's Anatomy
Project Runway
What Not To Wear
How Do I Look?

Four Places Iíve Vacationed:

France- Paris, Grasse, and Lyons
Cancun, Mexico
Key West, FL

Four Of My Favorite Dishes:

Pork Chops with White Rice and Black Beans
Cuban Meatloaf with White Rice and Black Beans
Pan con Lechon- Cuban pork sandwich

Four Sites I Visit Almost Daily:

What Would Tyler Durden Do?
Artist Trading Cards' Journal

Four Places Iíd Rather Be Now:

San Francisco
The house we close on next week

Four Bloggers I'm Tagging:

Iva even though she's out of computer commissiontemporarily
And someone new to me: LuckeMe

In other news, hmmmm- is there other news? I'm not really sure!! I had my doctor's appointment today and got to hear Princess Sharkbait's little heart go and I also got to hear her give the good doctor a couple solid whacks. That's my girl.

And M! M had a fever!! It was so weird. He was fine today and after the doctor's office we went to the Science Museum. He loved the snakes (they were feeding their weekly mice to them- PERFECT timing) and the parrots and the planetarium with the stars. He also loved the catapults you got to play with. But then he was exhausted when we left and it was a little early. It was one and he usually burns out at three. We went to meet J for lunch and he was out when I got to his office. Lunch was a whiny nightmare and J noticed he felt a little warm. We came home and napped. When we woke up, he felt hot and sure enough, fever of 101. Thankfully the Tylenol and the cool wipe brought it down. It may just be a fluke thing. We'll see.

The boxes arrived today. *cue dramatic music* This means I have to PACK. Even though we haven't been officially approved for the mortgage. We're still waiting on some form from our bank and when J calls today they tell him that it's done through some PO box out there somewhere and there's no way of tracking it or anything it just happens. GREAT. Bottom line is we have to be out of our apartment March 1. So I have to pack anyways even if it's for moving into a storage facility and an extra bedroom. I am trying, really trying, to get myself excited and motivated but it is really hard when things are just in the air. I just have to be sure to focus.

OH! Project Runway blurb ahead so you can leave now if you're not interested :)

I was so completely disappointed with the evening gowns. I felt bad for Iman. Such a gorgeous woman and such crap to choose from. How do you mess up such a great challenge? Now something interesting happened last night. I came across the getty images of the fashion show that Project Runway had during fashion week. Kara, Chloe, Santino, and Daniel V all showed a collection even though one of them (Kara) was sent home this past week. I never saw season one. I'm really bad when it comes to TV. So I don't know if the same thing happened last season but I'm guessing yes. What a difference in styles in what you see during the contest and the final collection. The only exception was Daniel V and I think it works to his disadvantage. Why? Because Santino's collection blew his out of the water. I cannot stand Santino. I think he's arrogant and his challenge entries have mostly been tacky and outlandish and plain ugly. Now that I see the collection I have to wonder if maybe he's hiding really bad craftsmanship by just piling tacky shit on and on and on. Daniel's was elegant but unexciting- I thought. And Chloe's? *sigh* It was weird. She had a couple of silhouettes that I just hated. They didn't look wearable to me at all. And the other silhouettes I did like, the pattern or color was gross. And what was that raspberry puff monster thing? YUCK. Crazily enough, I adored Kara's collection. I'd kill for one of those dresses she made. It just really showed me that the game show aspect of the series really does distort the reality. It stresses what I said last time, this is just not reality and I can't understand why they insist on branding it that way. Kara went home and yet she had the most amazing collection of the four, in my opinion. Hers was different, vibrant, beautiful, young, and hip. Anyways, I'm indifferent to who wins now that I've seen the final collections although I think Daniel V is perfect for Banana Republic. The reunion show looks like one catfight after another and whatever. It'll be fun for laughs like ha ha look at these trite little people but whatever. Funny how anti-climactic the show has become.

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