2006-02-20 - 3:30 a.m. : That's why they call him cliffhanger
Here we go again that whole cliffhanger feeling. Sundays do that to me but this Sunday is a big Sunday because this might be the last Sunday we have as renters versus homeowners. MIGHT MIGHT MIGHT. Everything is resting on one little tiny form from Wamu. The annoying part is that tomorrow, of course, the bank is closed.

We channeled some of that pendulum-like energy and started packing. 75% of our closet is hanging in two wardrobe boxes. I packed up my bookcase in my bedroom. Jay packed up stuff from the dresser that he doesn't really NEED for the next week. We kept going with the laundry. The entertainment center is packed. And through all of it I just felt sad. Sad, Sad, Sad. Which was really odd. I guess it has to do with the limbo feeling. If I KNEW I'd have a key in my hand on Friday, I think it'd be so much easier to just hustle. We've only been here for two years but we've gotten accustomed and attached. We know where things go, what the flow is. The little tricks to this and that and the other. It's weird packing up your home. Taking away your mark and leaving the shell.

And yesterday I was driving to a baby shower for a friend. She actually lives south of us, after the Turnpike ends. And there's the part on the Turnpike you drive through to get to my new home and suddenly you notice the landscape is different. The homes, the buildings, the strip malls, are gone. It's all nurseries and sky. And I was so very depressed. Some people dig that and I understand but I'm not used to that. I'm used to everything being right in a stone's throw and that's not the case. The closest Michael's to me is the one across the street from where I live now. I dunno.

Crap, I think M woke up.

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