2006-03-08 - 11:54 p.m. : HOLY HECK
Ok holy heck. My internet came back up about six hours ago. I've been disconnected for more than a week thanks to this move.

I'm not going to throw details but just know that unsurprisingly it was incredibly hectic, incredibly insane, and incredibly overwhelming. It remains at that pace. All kinds of little tiny things keep going wrong and all kinds of loose ends remain untied and sloppy. We still have 90% of our home in chaos. Our mattress is on the floor upstairs because there is a design flaw with the staircase that does not permit a queen size box spring to go up.

Being pregnant is incredibly inconvenient right now. All I want to do is get in there and hustle and I can't. I can't lift things, I can't climb things, and even projects I CAN do like unpacking and cleaning take tons of time because I get winded so quickly. J got sick a few days ago and I caught it and we're both fighting off the end of it but it's really affected the two of us.

I have met neighbors! It's incredible. In the two years I lived in the apartment before here I met ONE neighbor whose name I knew. The lady across the hall was nice enough to me and waved hello and stuff. But I've met four households today. It's so cool and yet weird. My neighbor on the right is the president of the association. The house to the left of us is up for sale and vacant.

We are down the street from the Air Force Base. A lot of military families live here but are all renting. Which kinda sucks because they'll be gone in a couple of years. The couple on the corner is adorable. I think they're retired. They live across the street from the mailboxes and like to sit outside. They've been here two years and know EVERYONE here.

Man I'm tired. Ok so yeah things have been really crazy. I don't know when things will be normal and I swear I expected them to normalize last weekend so no more predictions for me. Let's just hope this all passes over soon and that life settles just in time to be turned upside down by a certain little girl who does a popcorn dance in my belly.

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