2006-03-13 - 5:40 p.m. : House not yet a home
We're not anywhere near the whole making a house a home phenomenom. Some times, I think I'm on vacation. But maybe it's getting closer? I don't know.

My sofas get here tomorrow. They're nothing spectacular but that's what I want. Non-spectacular, comfortable couches. I do think that when my living room finally comes together it will look pretty spectacular. I actually feel that way about every room in the house LOL. We got these delicious cellular shades in our living room and even though they're six inches short, they do their job of keeping a great amount of that blaring sun out and when I get the curtains up you won't even notice the length of them so really who cares? I wasn't about to dish out about twice more than what I spent to special order something six inches longer.

Baby/Pregnancy News: Not much NEW to report. I went today for the glucose screening and almost vomited oh three hundred times drinking that crap on the way there. And then after they drew my blood I couldn't stay awake and so I came home and M and I fell asleep watching PBS Kids. This was really nice because I did not in a million years expect him to sleep with me just to numb his brain with more fabulous television. I'm 145 pounds and need to do a belly pic.

And now I'll leave you with some eye candy from my friend's line of clothes, Eva Danielle. I just LOVE her stuff.

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