2006-03-24 - 3:13 p.m. : Bit of a scare but it's all good
BAH! Had to go to the hospital last night. NOT FUN. I had some really painful cramps and I didn't know if it was normal or not at 29 weeks and so I called in and my doctor was not amused. So we went to the hospital and got monitored and examined. OW. But everything is fine. No contractions showed up. Nothing happened during the exam. Everything is good oh and in case I did NOT know my baby is very very very very active. As in the lady asked me oh three or four times if I had taken any caffeine that day even just a little maybe? NO DAMMIT NO.

I'm thinking maybe my body doesn't like the stairs in my new townhouse. I've never lived in a two story. All this up and down is really annoying and kicks my ass. So I have a day "off" today. M slept at the inlaws and I'm being yelled at by everybody to get to bed. Which I keep getting out of... But now I found my yarn needles so I'm going to finish a scarf I'm giving as a birthday present, and finish a scarf I'll probably donate to Goodwill and work on another scarf that has been very tedious work so far for no reason really except it's fuzzy yarn and not easy to work with especially on metal needles. What I really want to do is go to Michael's.

OH!! I found what I'm doing for M's birthday. I'm calling Miami Children's Museum on Monday to book a bear themed birthday party. I would love nothing more than to have a cute little gathering at my house and make all kinds of cute things but the fact is I am part of a large family and my kids are destined to have parties with about 40 people attending at least for the rest of their lives. I did it, now it's their turn. The price isn't bad and even though I was really intrigued by the Pirate theme I think he'll be able to really enjoy that theme when he is a LITTLE older. Not to mention we'll have lots of little ones at this party and I think the bears is more age-appropriate. Besides, I really doubt my son will ever let me do a teddy bear birthday party past the age of 3. So teddy bears it is with a maximum of 60 guests, 20 of which are children. And I don't have to deal with my house getting trashed. And I don't have to deal with a long party- it's two hours. And I can still make things and have fun with it like making goodie bags for instance. I really love a good goodie bag and since this place doesn't allow pinatas, I'm going to have fun with it. And since it's a two hour party, I might not have to really buy much food from them other than platters and drinks really. And then there's the cake too. And also, it includes admission to the museum for the whole day which is really rad. So there you go. Now I'm grabbing my yarn needles and my almost finished but not quite scarf and some water and I'm going back upstairs before I get yelled at some more.

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