2006-01-09 - 11:24 p.m. : Casa Nueva
Well ok here's the deal. We found a townhouse, made an offer, they countered, we accepted. Now the financing ordeal begins. Everyone is celebrating but I just won't until the stinking key is in my wretched little hand.

So now I'm looking at magazines and stuff getting ideas. In the new issue of Domino I found the color scheme I want for my living room- Gray, Cream, and Espresso.

It works for us. I like beige sofas. We don't have a dark wood tv thing but we needed a new one anyways because we've pretty much outgrown the one we have. So the dark wood is great-- I love love love it.

The place I'm stuck is our bedroom. My mom just got us a really pretty duvet cover in dark red. Which is awesome because I really want dark red in my bedroom. The problem is the walls. I don't really want beige walls because I'm so freaking tired of beige and white walls. Our room is really small so we have to nix the dresser. We just have to do the walk in closet properly. We'll have two nightstands and something for the TV- maybe an armoire. A nice mirror. But I'm clueless about the walls. *sigh* I did see something on the behr site about dark red with brown and like a french blue? We'll see.

For M's room I just LOVE this set of dinosaurs that he's been getting as presents. And for Christmas my SIL gave him the T-Rex. If possible, I'd love to turn him into a mural on the wall. MAYBE change the colors like invert them. So he's orange with purple accents. I think it'd look good against a pretty blue wall.

I am also getting some ideas for setting up the office in the garage. NO ideas on the baby's room of course. I'll get there when I get there.

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