2006-01-16 - 2:38 p.m. : Save the date!
How does the time manage to run by so quickly??

Well, turns out they did prescribe me for my ultrasound and I booked it the second I got outside of the office. First available date is January 24 which I took. They told me to drink 16 ounces of water on the way over and of course I'm also bringing some orange juice because so help me if I go to this appointment and Sharkbait is sleeping with its legs shut tight. Which would, of course, be just my luck.

The presentation went very very very well on Friday. Everyone was excited and happy with everything. Hooray.

The weekend was nice. Saturday we went to the park because J was gonna play basketball and there's a playground for M. He of course spent the day playing in the sand and playing with HIS basketball. I might as well give up on playgrounds and just take him to sand pits. Anyways, J joined a basketball league with my little brother. The first game for them is on Wednesday. Should be fun and at least by them going to the park on the weekends, it lets me get M out too.

Saturday night we went to celebrate my uncle's fortieth birthday at Tuscan Steak in South Beach. What a blast. YUM food. Great atmosphere. Total riot. I highly recommend the place for groups of four or more- we were a group of twenty.

And then yesterday was spent mostly vegging, watching football, and I cleaned out my scrap area. I've purged quite a bit and am selling on Ebay. I just want to move light. And it's going to be hard to do that so I'm trying my best to purge what I can. The other day it was my drawers I went through-- some of them. I have to go through my closet again and the rest of my drawers. Then it's on to the books. I have two giant rubbermaid bins in the storage closet and my bookshelf in my room is just overflowing to the point there are books on the floor and books on books and things of that nature. I absolutely despise giving away books but a nice clean new house is my top priority right now.

I just asked M, "What color do you want to paint your room?" "I want to paint my room RED!" Heehee fun stuff. I thought he was going to say green. Would a small room with one wall each in a primary color be too much perhaps? ;) I bet it'd look cute if I did it with chair rail. Or however you spell it.

My boss has this long long list of things he wants me to do and I have zero interest today. Yup, zero.

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