2006-01-16 - 10:46 p.m. : Golden Globes Gowns
Yay Golden Globes. I love watching the Red Carpet. Stupid me though I forgot Isaac was doing the Red Carpet for E and watched it on NBC instead. *sob* I love Isaac. He's nutty but he cracks me up.

Anyways, can we talk about some of these FANTASTIC dresses?? There were definitely some hell no's out there but I saw some really pretty things. Oh and let's just mention that it was so dead obvious the colors of choice were red, white, and black. And funny enough I just found myself drawn over and over to dresses NOT in that color family although there were exceptions. My absoulte favorite was Ziyi Zhang. She just looked so cute and the color was so fun and maybe it was just really unexpected but I thought it was daring and worked. And it was such a springy dress. I also loved Keira Knightley's gorgeous white gown. I thought it was incredibly elegant and award show appropriate. Anyways, I have some of my favorite pictures here from GettyImages.

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