2006-03-31 - 3:02 a.m. : Time Flies
It's not that nothing is going on and it's not that something HUGE has happened to completely envelop me. It's actually a few things.

First of all, I started a craft blog on LiveJournal last month. I have a folder of blogs of which 25 are craft-related. I read them every single day and so I feel it is my duty to put out my own crafty vibes into the cyber world even though my crafty level is akin to that of a talented 4 year old. Ok a slightly talented 4 year old. And since I am making the time to MAKE things, anything, I try and update. There was Project Spectrum this March which propelled me to completely FINISH a scarf and that made me proud. And there are my pom pom animals. And there was good mail receieved. You know, things of THAT nature. So I post things of relevance to that blog and then find myself not posting here. Which is fine because I want this to be about my life and what I am going through and dealing with and I have no qualms reserving LiveJournal for my crafts and am content. But yeah, my material is divided.

Then there's the whole thing that this week just started in an icky manner. After being together for I don't even know how many years and being married for one year, my friends K and O are apparently splitting up and it's left me feeling quite dismal and angry but the thing is that when I start talking about it or thinking about it, I get really angry and I don't WANT to feel that way toward either of them. So I'm trying to just ignore it and focus instead on the details of everyday Lavanoteness. Then there was the news that my grand aunt who has been in the hopsital for months now after her brain tumor made a horrifying comeback will be taken off the medications that have essentially kept her alive. I've been preparing for her passing for a while now, but my mom is understandably beat up about it and sad. Those two bits of news came in on Monday and spread into Tuesday.
Yesterday I took M to Finding Nemo on Ice with my husband and SIL. It was a welcome distraction from life. Actually, watching M watching the show was the real pleasure. I found the show itself boring and at times really confusing. But no complaints- the tickets were free.
Today there was a bit more of the K and O issue but I think I've managed to make it clear to most everyone that I don't want to get involved. Don't tell me anything, don't ask me how I feel, don't anything because I don't like the way it makes me feel and I just want to hide away in this little corner thanks.
Otherwise, I'm just living and dealing and all that stuff. I have ten weeks left in this pregnancy. I don't think about that much either. And wow my brain is mush. My memory is deteriorating at a rocket's pace. I can't remember anything. It's silly and a little embarassing. But it's for a good cause. I just keep forgetting to tell myself that. :( I've been a damn whiner this pregnancy.
Well, the yawns are just enveloping me so I'm going to manage getting off this chair and up the stairs into my BED. I LOVE MY BED.

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