2006-02-03 - 7:37 p.m. : Naughty Valentine
A creative little entry if you would. I've been working on some Valentine ATC's and created this little series. My husband finds it disturbing and I think they're quite funny. Different strokes different folks? And for the record, the nipple is a man's nipple- 50 Cent's actually. Maybe that will make it less disconcerting for some but I doubt it LOL.

UPDATE: I have decided to join a group on LiveJournal dedicated to the craft of Artist Trading Cards. I've created a blog there specifically for me to post my ATC's. I am hoping that being a part of such a group will motivate me enough to continue working with such a fun medium. I like a lot of the work that is traded there and find it inspiring. If you decide to join, please let me know!! I'd like very much to look you up.
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