2006-02-10 - 2:02 p.m. : Project Runway
As in all things in life there is of course a very flip-side to viewers of Project Runway. People who abhor the show because it does nothing but make a farce of the fashion industry and yadda yadda yadda.

For the record, I'm one of these poor people who is supposedly being misled by PR. I don't have anything to do with the industry and watch the show for fun. Supposedly because of PR, I understand that the world of fashion is just like this and that is the strict reality of things and so on and so forth. Yeah, not really and although I'm SURE there are people who do take it at face value, most people are a bit smarter than all that.

This show is the Apprentice all over again. I'm sure people in business found the show to be completely obnoxious. It's a TV SHOW. They can call it reality tv but we all know it's just a GAME. For the sake of television, everything is compressed and cartoonied and so on and so forth.

So why do *I* watch? Because it's fun. It's entertainment. I like watching people get catty and arrogant, they're characters after all just like any other television show. I like watching other people just go with the flow. But most importantly, I like watching the creative process and this is where I have to step in and say something. Not everyone on the show makes a work of art every time. A lot of it is ridiculous or boring or whatever. However, the fact is that they do have to design something, fabricate it, and present it. It might be crap, but they had to do it and I like watching that- the process of creation good and bad. You learn something from watching people create things I think and I do like that the show dedicates a decent amount of time to this aspect. I wish they'd do more with it instead of asking contestants to gossip amongst themselves or the camera about how much Santino annoys them or how arrogant he is, but that's television for you and it's where you take the good with the bad.
Most times, I disagree with a lot of what the judges said and yet at times they raise valid points. I loved Nick but the last few challenges I'd been extremely disappointed in his work and so when it came down to him versus Santino I knew he'd go because let's face it- the producers are holding on to Santino for dear ratings' life. Remember, they have control over everything especially editing. I'm guessing they trashed Santino's horrific jumpsuit a lot worse than they showed on the show but they needed to show that keeping him on was in a way justified. They're not fooling anyone.

And that's my point. They're not fooling most people. I think people who care about fashion and the craft and all of that enough that they read on it and follow it don't get as sucked into Project Runway's "reality" as other people do. I don't think the show should be dismissed entirely either, ESPECIALLY by people who watch one episode or don't even watch the show at all but read about it on the site but because they are REALLY in the industry they can just tsk tsk it away. I know people in that industry. I know how hard they work and some times, the cutthroat factor is very alive-- they just don't make it and lots of money is lost and they find themseslves... where? But I also know people who do it because they love it and do it from home on their little stores and are happy making little shirts for $30 and dresses for $75 and they too are indeed in the industry and can count themselves successful. Not everyone wants to be the next Dolce & Gabbanna but some people do and it's THOSE people who go on Project Runway. And anyone who knows the industry knows that Dolce & Gabbana are not the norm but the freaks. So really, it all just makes sense.

Honestly? I just can't believe people take the show so seriously. It's strictly entertaining and to get caught up in it is just silliness I think. I do get excited about the show but mostly because I want to see what they do with their different challenges. And why not? A lot of those challenges can be manipulated for any creative venture. I'd love to take a photograph and create something inspired by it. Or craft something out of plants and flowers only. And again, it doesn't have to be good, I just want to see it come alive.

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